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Andrew Hastie MP writes about Australia, one people, indivisible.


Dear Michael,

I am grateful for my country and my community.

And each year, it is a joy watching new Australians take the pledge to our country's values and choose to invest their lives in our common future.

They know few countries can boast of our freedoms, our prosperity and our natural environment. 

None of us choose where we are born; but we do make choices about where we live. 

Our new citizens have chosen Australia as their home. 

And their gratitude inspires me to be thankful for the good things we enjoy in this country. 

But—unfortunately—there are some Australians who are nursing hard grievances. 

They riot in the streets in protest. They look at our nation with anger and a burning resentment.

Yesterday at Melbourne’s Invasion Day rally, Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe shouted, “This is a war. They are still killing us…What do we have to celebrate in our country?”

These emotionally incontinent activists deny ordinary, patriotic Australians pride in their home. 

They are intent on making you feel ashamed of who you are.

For celebrating—and rejoicing in—our national day.

The truth is that it wouldn't matter to them if the date of Australia Day was changed.

They will never be content until the entire nation is torn down and rewired with their crude ideology.

But thanks to the mainstream Australians who love our great nation—with all its imperfections—these haters will never win.

Spending the day on the Mandurah foreshore yesterday, I saw people everywhere—young and old—delighting in our special day.

Our flag was flown with pride by thousands of locals. And it was the same all across the country.

Remember—the protesters, and the activists, are just a very small minority.

Australians know we are blessed to live together, in peace and prosperity, as one people.

Australia Day reminds us that we need to be good stewards of our diverse inheritance, even as we look to build a common future. 

And that’s what we will aim to do in 2023.


Andrew Hastie