Louise Milligan’s (7Nilligan’s) latest hatchet job on Catholic Church flops
A brief collation of 'Palestinian' evil.

Bill Thompson on ABC Watch in Melbourne this morning.

From Bill

I saw that Stephanie Ferrier was reporting for ABC TV News this morning, from outside the Coroners Court, in Southbank, so I popped around to ask her why ABC TV News has NEVER reported on their own in-house convicted pedo, Jon Stephens. 
I thank Stephanie for being prepared to chat with an old bloke with a GoPro!
 It seems that news about pedophilia engaged in by ABC staff in Sydney, stays in Sydney... unless Sydney ABC News managers decide not to report it, either, in which case no Aussie taxpayers - who all fund their ABC - get to know about it, at all. Convenient, eh?
Incidentally, I spent 2 hours in the Coroners Court, yesterday, listening to part of the findings in the death of Veronica Nelson. I concluded that Veronica should have been transferred to hospital, ASAP. Further, my OPINION is that the Coroner found against lots of individuals & entities, re supposed bigotry & prejudice, surrounding the carriage of the matter, as well as faults in relevant laws & policies, however, it is also my OPINION that ANY consideration of bigotry & prejudice ought to START with a review of yesterday’s proceedings, themselves, which began with not just ONE but TWO separate acknowledgments of the traditional owners, etc, etc. - one by some court staffer (acting on his own authority?), before proceedings began - followed by one from the Coroner, himself!
I remain unconvinced about a proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament but I know for certain that Aussies are ALREADY baraged by endless bureaucratic Indigneous Voices, many times, every day...