Tony Abbott's statement on the death of Cardinal Pell AC
Peter Dutton on the late Cardinal Pell AC

It took Louise Milligan 16 minutes to start crapping on George Pell’s grave.

Big day for 7Nilligan.

Now she gets to defame a dead man further despite the comprehensive High Court ruling demolishing his conviction and the certainty of the allegations.

Reckon there’s another book coming?

Australian media first reported Cardinal Pell’s death at 9:20AEST - Milligan was on twitter 16 minutes later having a go.

Then after a trip to make up and hair - 3 hours later - she was on TV doing an unchallenged “interview” on the ABC …more like a monologue.

Must feel great to crap all over a dead innocent man.

The phrase ‘piece of work’ comes to mind.