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Therapeutic Albanese - there for the gays NOT for Olivia.

The Prime Minister was praised from one end of the ABC to the other for walking the Mardi Gras route last night.

But a day later, appears he couldn’t be f-ed turning up to the State Memorial for Olivia Newton John.

“The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Andrew Giles is in attendance, representing Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who was unable to attend due to commitments in Sydney” - News Ltd reports.

I know which duty mattered the most - but he could easily have done both.

Olivia Newton John is only one of the most prominent Australians to have died in the last year, a Dame, a high achieving entertainer, and an extraordinarily generous lady to charitable causes.

Well done Therapeutic Albo - once again proving, he’s a low class opportunist and not a statesman.

By the way, if you’re curious about where he was …he was carrying out the crucial duty of appearing on The Project.





Racism laid bare. Imagine saying this about black people. Generalisations are gross.

UPDATE - thank you Underminder for this gem!