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Book out your free seats to Patricia’s lecture to the world.

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"Who gets to tell the stories? Journalism: diversity, power and gatekeepers." Journalist Patricia Karvelas gives a public lecture at The Capitol to mark her appointment as an Honorary Professor for RMIT Journalism

An RMIT alumnus, Patricia Karvelas has supported the University's journalism program on a range of projects over the past five years. This has included working with students on national curriculum resources for political reporting and hosting public events to share her insights and experiences of working in the industry.

Speaking about her appointment Karvelas said, "Returning to my alma mater to take up this honorary professorial role gives me great pride."

"I believe journalism has never been more important and I hope to be able to provide leadership for the country's future journalists," she said.

Please join us on Thursday 9 March for this public lecture. This is a free event but advance registration is required.

Ratings flop: ABC’s “as big as the Olympics” #WorldPride2023 event tanks.

The Herald and The ABC have been kidding themselves for the last year, claiming the LGBTetc World Pride event would be "one of the city’s biggest events since the 2000 Olympics". 
It won’t shock you to know, it’s far from reality. 
Turns out the big budget ABC opening night broadcast of Pride on TV was less popular than the weekly gardening show, a repeat programme on dogs, and the nightly game shows. 


The Opening Ceremony and Concert on the ABC came in 15th for the evening with a staggering low audience of 214,000 viewers across Australia. 
“A flop” is the phrase they use in the business. 
The amount of taxpayer dollars being blown on this would make your eyes water. Many many millions. 
Why do these people bullshit so much about the gravity of these events when they are, and always have been, fringe events at best?