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Snake Boy Minister Matt Kean’s expensive taxpayer funded victory lap.


Day by day - lefty gesture by gesture - Matt Kean is driving the NSW Liberals towards Opposition. 
So it makes sense that he’d sneak in a ‘victory lap‘ taxpayer-covered overseas trip before it all ends. 
Eygpt and London - business class, limos and 5 Star all the way. 
It made most conservative voters reach for the vomit bucket when they saw him parading with King Charles. 
The unofficial Minister for Undermining, Kean is a boasting devote republican - like all trendy lefties. Typically - they get giddy with excitement to meet royalty. 
But don’t worry - you paid for the lot. 
$72,000.00 - according to the Telegraph. Let’s not forget also the weeks of salaries that went into planning this junket - not in the total - and the likely millions in secret UN concessions he handed out along the way to buy his way in. 
TREASURER and Energy Minister Matt Kean cost taxpayers more than $70,000 when he and a government entourage flew to the United Kingdom to meet King Charles III ahead of COP27 in Egypt late last year.

Newly released details of the trip published by the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet show Mr Kean brought along a senior adviser, with NSW Treasury secretary Dr Paul Grimes also joining the delegation.

The published report showed the 10-day trip to London, Cairo and Sharm El Sheik cost more than $72,000, including $47,930 for Mr Kean and one staffer, with the bureaucrat costing $24,074.

Some of Mr Kean’s Liberal colleagues privately criticised the trip at the time as it had occurred during a crucial week in parliament with first-home buyer stamp duty reforms on the agenda.

In his report, Mr Kean said the trip had enabled government engagement with the “highest sub-sovereign level of Moody’s” and “supported our longer-term maintenance of NSW’s Triple-A credit rating”. 

Mr Kean said his role as both Treasurer and Energy Minister had enabled two “necessary work trips” to be combined into one “providing greater value for money”.

“It was a bonus that while in the UK to meet with financial bodies, I was invited to meet the King and discussed our shared passion for conservation,” he said.