Tanya Plibersek recounts Gillard's abject failures.
Good luck with that love.

Archbishop condemns Channel Ten, Waleed Aly and the gang.

Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher doesn’t miss the ultra-tolerant Waleed and the woke Project.

Perhaps a quick note to ACMA might help get the message home:

FreeTV Code of Conduct:


3.2.1 In broadcasting a news or Current Affairs Program, a Licensee must:

a) not include material which, in the reasonable opinion of the Licensee, is likely to seriously distress or seriously offend a substantial number of viewers, having regard to the likely audience of the Program, unless there is a public interest reason to do so

Pretty straightforward to me.

20230303 AAF ltr Beverley McGarvey re The Project 20230303 AAF ltr Beverley McGarvey re The Project