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No wonder Labor mate Barry Cassidy is smiling, his new gig earns him between $11K and $22.5K to hold one meeting.

Yesterday we brought you the news that Albanese's administration has appointed old mate Barry Cassidy as the Chair of the Board of Old Parliament House.


No wonder he's smirking.

The Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House was established by this act

It provides for the appointment of a Board and Chair - with a stipulation that the Board must meet at least twice a year.


The Old Parliament House website is here.

It includes annual reports - here's the record of the Boards meetings for FY 21/22 - 4 meetings for the year.

Screen Shot 2023-03-29 at 7.33.28 am

One year - 4 meetings.  

The annual report also tells us that the Chair and Directors pay is set by the Remuneration Tribunal.

Here's its latest determination:

That tells us that the Chair earns $45,570 plus $578 travel expenses for each day.


So for the 2 meetings required by law, that's about $22.5K per meeting - let's be kind and say they'll hold 4 meetings - about $11K per meeting.

Nice work if your mates can get it for you.