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NSW Labor on Matt Kean's fundraising war-chest

Dear Comrade,

We've always known the Liberals have ultra-rich donors with deep pockets.

But would you believe this: Treasurer Matt Kean alone has raised $360,000 for the Liberals' election campaign:

And unfortunately for us, that kind of cash goes a long way in tight elections like this one.$360,000 can buy a whole lot of airtime, a whole lot of outdoor billboards and a whole lot of digital ads.

And with the Liberals rolling out attack ad after attack ad, they might just drown out our Fresh Start Plan for NSW so that voters only hear the spin.

That's why we need your help to go head-to-head with the Liberals in this final sprint to the finish line.

Comrade, can you chip in now to power Labor's campaign?

Unlike the Libs, our grassroots movement is funded by everyday people: generous members and donors just like you, chipping in a few dollars at a time.

So far, we've raised $225,000 in our State Election Fighting Fund from 3,084 donations with an average of $73 each.

But when we're up against the election machine that is the Liberal Party, that's just not enough.

Here's the thing: if everyone reading this email gave just $20, we’d be able to match our election fighting fund to Matt Kean's war chest.

That’s why I’m asking you once again: Can you donate $20 to help us compete with the Liberals' war chest and give Labor the best chance of winning government?

It’s become clear that this election is going to come down to every single vote. And we need to make sure that our message reaches every single undecided voter across NSW. 

Matt Kean will use his ultra-rich donors to get ahead, but he's no match for the thousands of grassroots Labor supporters if we all band together.

Comrade, will you help us compete with the Liberals by chipping in now?

In nine days, we have a chance to make history and finally end this 12-year nightmare of Liberal-National rule.

Don't let them beat us at the finish line – chip in now.

George Simon
Assistant General Secretary, NSW Labor