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NSW Labor's last ditch email to Party members - Labor's #1 priority? CLIMATE CHANGE!!!


We’ve reached the final week of the campaign, and many of you will read this email while on pre-poll or the doors, speaking to voters and persuading them to choose Labor and a Fresh Start for NSW.

It’s been a hectic campaign and we know that when you’re working this hard it can be easy to lose track of all of the important announcements we’ve made over the last twelve months. 

So as we launch our Final Push on the countdown to Election Day, we wanted to remind you of 5 good reasons why it’s so important Labor wins this Saturday: 

  1. We’re tackling the climate & energy crisis: by creating a publicly-owned clean energy corporation, expanding investment in renewable energy, improving grid reliability and putting downward pressure on power prices. 
  2. We’ll create 10,000 more permanent teachers: giving teachers the job security they need to stay in the profession; giving schools the flexibility they need to deliver lessons; and giving parents the confidence that their children will be taught by a dedicated teacher and not spend time in a merged classroom. 
  3. We'll provide 2,000 study subsidies for future health workers: including students studying nursing, midwifery, paramedicine, allied health, and medicine – to attract staff and retain talent in the NSW public health system.
  4. We’ll fix the housing crisis: by abolishing or reducing stamp duty for 95% of first homebuyers, by banning secret rent bidding, and by allowing pets in rentals.
  5. We’ll invest a historic $103 million in contemporary music and will double the number of music venues in NSW: and we’ll implement a $250 minimum fee for musicians at commercial events that receive public funding.

And that’s just the start. But we can’t make any of this happen without your help.

We know you’ve given so much to this campaign already, but we need your support again as we launch our Final Push.

Chip in now to make sure that people across New South Wales know these 5 good reasons to vote Labor this Saturday.


We’re so thankful for every member and volunteer who has gone the extra mile this campaign, particularly on the heels of a gruelling Federal Election last year that saw Labor in power nationally for the first time in almost a decade.

But with this Final Push towards Election Day, we could see Labor in power in every mainland state in Australia, which is why it’s so important we get our message out.

If you can donate $5 (that’s just $1 every day from now until Election Day) that could be the difference between a win and a loss this Saturday.

NSW is ready for a fresh start, and Labor is ready to deliver just that. 

With only 5 days to go, we need to give it everything we’ve got.

Thank you for your support,

Liam Rankine
Marginal Seats Organiser

P.S. If you can’t donate, please support the campaign by volunteering. You can sign up here.