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Australian Government issues medallion & certificate to mark 50 years since end of Vietnam War

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 2.19.36 pm

The Department of Veterans' Affairs is coordinating the production and distribution of a commemorative medallion and certificate for the 50th anniversary of the end of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.

All Australian veterans of the conflict are entitled to receive a Medallion and Certificate - you can register your own or a family member's interest here



One of our favourite Vietnam Veterans, Ralph Blewitt (2RAR, SVN 67/68) registered this afternoon - here's the thumbnail of the certificate he'll receive.


Mr and Mrs Ralph and Ruby Blewitt are doing it very, very tough at the moment.

Ralph has known for some time that he's living with a terminal case of emphysema.

He's currently in the care of DVA at a Perth hospital, with Ruby constantly by his bedside.

Today Ralph and Ruby received some very upsetting news.  Ralph's lung condition has now advanced to lung cancer.

Ralph will now remain in Perth until after Easter for a biopsy and after that, whatever surgical intervention is required.

I know the costs of Ruby staying in Perth, away from their home in Malaysia are really worrying.

If any of our readers can help out with accommodation or defraying Ruby's accommodation expenses while Ralph undergoes his surgery(ies) that would release them of a tremendous burden.

Please get in touch with me by NFP comment here and I'll be happy to pass on any contact details either way.


A Labor achievement - a meaningless new law to solve a non-problem. Great work on the Twitter animation but.

No one celebrates doing nothing to nothing to get nothing like Albanese's Labor.