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Biden jokes about school mass shooting. Prick.

The hero Judge who jailed scum Muslim Skaf gang rapists has died. Vale Your Honour.


Rarely does a Judge end up a hero. 

Judge Michael Finnane was a hero to many. 

Michael Finnane KC/QC was a judge in the NSW district Court who had the atrocious task of listening to the horrific details of the Skaf Gang rapes that occurred back in 2000. 

Finnane put up with the bullshit and lies from the scum and their family, he heard the horrors of what the accused did - then he sentenced the leader of the pack to a record 55 years in prison.

No one had ever seen a sentence of that gravity for sex offences since colonial days. 

Finnane worked out that Skaf and his brothers are pigs. 

The Judge had no time for them. 

One of the victims, an 18-year-old woman, was raped 40 times by 14 men over four hours. They called in their mates to join in. 

They dumped her at a train station after hosing her down.

During her ordeal the woman was called an 'Aussie pig', told she was going to get it 'Leb-style' and asked if 'Leb c*** tasted better than Aussie c***'.

It was a targeted hate crime as much as it was a sexual assault. 

Judge Finnane sentenced nine men, including Bilal Skaf to a total 240 years' jail.

There were cheers in the Court.

A crowd outside the courthouse waved signs applauding the Judge’s decision. Radio station talkback lines were flooded with rare praise for the justice system. 

Australia was so sickened by the case, Finnane knew a statement needed to be made.

It’s ironic that when the matter was appealed by the Skaf scum, the weasels on the Appeal Court slashed the sentence claiming it was out of step with previous decisions. 

Finnane stood by his decision and the original sentence and was unapologetic. 

Even in retirement, he actively campaigned to make sure the shit served their full term without parole.

Judge Finnane was an Army Reservist and a QC/KC. 

He served his country and his profession with distinction and showed the justice system what “justice” actually meant.