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Labor’s cheap buy Barrie Cassidy struggling with the concept of democracy


A well-paying government board position firmed-up old ABC Labor mate Barrie Cassidy. 
Now he spends his retirement shallowly pushing Labor causes on Twitter. 
Like today, why “The Voice” shouldn’t be legislated, as opposed to locked into the Constitution. 
Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 1.24.06 pm
We’ll give Barrie the benefit of the doubt as it could have been a big Saturday night that he woke up in the aftermath of - BUT …that’s how government policy works. 
One mob puts in their system and when it falls to shit, the next mob cleans up the mess. 
Has been happening since 1901. 
If anyone bumps into Barrie outside the Labor Club, give him a gentle reminder. 

Imbecile Chris Bowen celebrates Chinese slave labour

There are few in Parliament as embarrassingly stupid as Chris Bowen. 


Screen Shot 2023-04-30 at 7.30.58 am


Putting aside his mindless ideology, he lives in a state which now uses substantially more power than its capable of generating. 
NSW has to buy electricity from Queensland and Victoria every moment of every day, just to keep the lights on - all because people like Bowen have wet dreams about a coal free world. 
And the wonderfully “renewable” solar panels Bowen rejoices in .. slave labour in China manufactures those. 
It all feels lovely to talk up the beautiful renewable fairytale but when you scratch the surface just a little, the fantasy all falls to shit. 
Just like Matt Kean, Chris Bowen is an imbecile. 



Stan Grant plays the Aboriginal card to get a spot at the King's Coronation


ABC hipsters are a little torn on this one.

Stan Grant has been telling the world how outrageously white the ABC's coverage of The Queen's funeral was.

He's even posed for photos looking sad about it for newspapers.

The latest twist coming out of Ultimo is that Stan is pushing  ABC weakling news manager Justin Stevens to make sure there are Aboriginal voices and faces on the Coronation coverage ... code for "Stan thinks Stan should be involved".

Stevens is as he looks and is entertaining it as opposed to standing up to Stan’s crap.

It’s ironic .. republicans and royal haters suspend all morality when there's business class flights up for grabs.


Immigration out of control. Time to wake up

Thanks to reader Lachlan who writes presciently:

Hi Michael,

Almost Hilarious but actually very sad - the same people who voted Labor to help them with cost of living, housing affordability and “rental crisis” get it straight in the neck.

An absolutely shambolic clown show of a gigantic Ponzi scheme. 

Pushed by carpet bagging spivs and the laziest of Governments encouraged by useless public servants who cant actually increase the countries productivity. 

This loading up with more and more people without planning of the end population goals defined and no requisite bolstering of infrastructure and resources like water, energy  etc let alone cultural compatibility and cohesion being ensured  is a sure fire recipe for disaster.