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Ken Wyatt was in talks years ago to defect to Labor


The Canberra media is hysterical about the significance of Ken Wyatt quitting the Liberal Party over Dutton's decision to oppose the YES campaign for the Voice gesture. 

Truth is, old man Ken has been trying to get out of the Libs for ages - it just suited him to stay - ministerial salary, white cars, board positions etc etc etc......
Joe Aston from the Financial Review reported 5 years ago that Wyatt has been trying to get out. 
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Politicians! If they didn't have fistfuls of loot to hand out we'd throw rocks at them. Two blatantly false denials on Wednesday: the first, Scott Morrison's aged care minister Ken Wyatt denying (withstanding unforgivably imprecise questioning) his secret talks with Linda Burney to defect to Labor; the second, Morrison's disavowal of our report that media billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes argued over the wisdom of Malcolm Turnbull's overthrow.

First to Wyatt. We dare him to take a lie detector test. We stand by our report. There is zero doubt he had, before this royal commission thrust him into the limelight, been haggling behind the scenes with senior Labor parliamentarians and party officials about changing sides. If that's not the case, as Kerry Packer used to say, we'll throw a garden party.

Maybe Ken, just a little bit, speak with a forked tongue.