When will Their ABC find a 10 year old with big ideas to sprout?
Captions please.

Lowest ratings, relentless bias, still working from home. ABC staff get 11% pay rise.


The ABC really is a fool’s paradise. 

Every under-performing, self absorbed bum gets a substantial pay rise. 
You have to feel for the small group who actually do pull their weight. 
The Australian reports:
Thousands of ABC employees will receive an 11 per cent pay rise and $1500 bonus after a majority of staff voted in favour of the new pay deal. 
Lowest TV ratings, beating only fellow basketcase SBS. 
Appalling radio ratings. Shit in most major cities. 
An extraordinary budget. 
Uncontrolled bias and tokenism … and still a substantial percentage of the staff “work from home”.. or pretend to. 
The only joke is, you’re paying for it.