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Ken Wyatt was in talks years ago to defect to Labor

Patricia Karvelas has a considerable 'glass jaw'.


Patricia can give it but can't take it. 

There's newspaper criticism today of her giving a free kick 'interview' to an activist for the YES campaign, who was allowed 16 minutes to attack Peter Dutton unchallenged.
That's called taking a side ... or perhaps just shit journalism. 
But because Karvelas is one of the chosen mean girls of the ABC, out comes an official statement from the ABC PR slob. 

ABC statement to James Morrow, News Corp

Posted 7th April 2023

RN Breakfast presenter Patricia Karvelas has interviewed people from all sides of the constitutional recognition debate and has met ABC editorial responsibilities throughout that coverage.

Ms Karvelas put forward the arguments of opposition leader Peter Dutton on several occasions during the interview with Noel Pearson.

Previous editions of RN Breakfast have featured interviews with senior Coalition MPs and other prominent figures including Julian Leeser, Paul Fletcher, Barnaby Joyce, Sussan Ley, Independent Senator Lidia Thorpe and business advisor and commentator Warren Mundine.

Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price has been invited onto the program on numerous occasions. She is yet to accept that invitation.

It should also be noted Mr Dutton was interviewed just prior to Mr Pearson on the AM program.

RN Breakfast, along with other ABC programs, will continue to canvas all sides of this discussion, as audiences would expect.

Media contact

Nick Leys
ABC Communications
[email protected]

Patricia is an expert on everything and a critic of whomever she pleases to attack. 
Can give it. Can't take it. 
A whopping glass jaw.