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Ex Gillard staffer: "Federal Government must 'INVEST' in abortion" - not kidding

What a disgraceful headline - 'invest' in abortion care.


Anna Jabour - head of spin for Marie Stopes International - abortion organisation


Investing in gender equity means investing in abortion care 

10 May 2023: MSI Australia, the nation's leading provider of abortion, contraception, and vasectomy services, today welcomed the Federal Government's allocation of funding for medicare reforms and gender equity incentives but expressed concerns for abortion care funding.  

Head of Policy and Research at MSI Australia, Bonney Corbin said investment in sexual and reproductive healthcare was a critical step towards gender equity. 

“The Federal Budget demonstrates a willingness to work towards gender equality in health 

"Investment in bulk billing, MBS item numbers for nurse practitioners and extended GP consults will reduce reproductive healthcare barriers for young people and other priority populations. 

"Longer prescribing timeframes should increase access to essential women's health products such as menopause hormone therapy. 

"Investment in nurse leadership models will assist in closing workforce gaps, and will pave the way towards nurse-led abortion care." 

“The expansion of the single parenting payment is critical given we are facing a cost of living crisis." 

“The government must maintain its focus on improving gender equity, including support for the right to choose." 

Ms Corbin highlighted the absence of funding announcements for abortion care as a major concern. 

"It's unclear how this Budget will assist those who call our clinics every day asking for financial support to access an abortion," she said. 

"In a post Roe V Wade era, it's critical that the Australian government invests in universal access to abortion care. 

“Investments in preventative health must consider reducing the price of all contraceptive methods, including vasectomy. 

"We urge the government to make further funding announcements regarding abortion care. 

"We are ready to work with the government who are ready to treat abortion for what it is. Abortion is healthcare.  


Head of Public Affairs

MSI Australia