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Liberal Party shock: Woman who fixed the game wins the game.


Maria Kovacic has won the Liberal Party pre-selection to replace Jim Molan after delaying (and delaying) the vote when she was Party President. 

Poor Jim has been dead for more than 4 months. 
It’s one of the longest delays to replace a Senator in history. 
With the help of Snaky Matt Kean, she cooked up the delay to her advantage and today - after a Liberal Left fix, she won. 
Unlike Jim Molan, Kovacic won’t rock any boats in Canberra. 
She’ll be beige and inert. 
She’ll toe the leftist line for the likes of Kean, the dill Andrew Bragg and, ultimately - the disgraced Michael Photios. 
Like when she was the underwhelming NSW Liberal Party President, she’ll be a bunny for the left. 
Liberal Deputy Leader Susan Ley said in a statement:
 Maria is not just a community leader in Western Sydney, she is an accomplished businesswoman with more than 20 years of experience across the commercial, public and not for profit sectors.”
The Western Sydney claim is bullshit. She lives at Pennant Hills - in Sydney’s north. 
Liberal Party is a punchline these days. 
Decisions like this aren’t even funny.