Drama queens go woke, go broke.
Some of today's newspaper coverage of Ben Roberts-Smith VC MG

Hasn’t taken the sick left long: “it’s time for Australia to abandon our farcical Anzac myths”.


Paul Daley from the Guardian is a sick leftist.

Somehow, the Ben Roberts Smith judgement has given him freedom to trigger his hatred of Australia’s ANZAC history.


Of course, The Guardian encourage this crap.

These people have a disorder.

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A federal court defamation case finding that Ben Roberts-Smith is, on the balance of probabilities, a cold-blooded battlefield murderer has done more than leave Australia’s most decorated living soldier in reputational tatters. It has, perhaps irrevocably, tarnished the carefully curated, revered legend of Anzac and its spurious myth of the white-hatted, egalitarian, hard-but-fair battlefield conduct of the celebrated Aussie digger.

The problem with myths, of course, is that they stand to be demythologised by unsavoury fact. It gets in the way.


Myth, of course, also relies on belief. Often suspended. Belief is the bedrock of religious or other faiths. Faiths like Anzac.

For Anzac is nothing if not Australia’s secular religion, one cherished and celebrated as core to our national identity by generations of political leaders, sporting identities and cultural influencers – historians, journalists, film-makers, authors and visual artists.

The finding against Roberts-Smith in his defamation case loss on Thursday lays bare, yet again, the flipside to the Anzac legend and brings into stark relief the perils of tying national celebration – and adulation – to the battlefield.