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A quick health update.

I remain an inpatient at the magnificent RNS Hospital - where the medical and nursing care are all first class.

I did however have a bit of a setback over the past few days that I haven't wanted to worry you about.

On Saturday I developed quite a fever with uncontrollable shaking and other indications of systemic infection.

The medical team were right onto it - and within hours had correctly diagnosed my nosocomial gram negative bacterial wound and blood infection - 'enterobacter cloacae complex'.

It's a nasty hospital bug that's often very difficult to treat.

In my case the treatment is progressing well - the bug is sensitive to the massive (and appropriate) doses of antibiotics being pumped into me.

I'm very much on the improve, quite exhausted from it all, but getting better every day.

Thanks everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers.