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Great work from Citizen Journalist Bill Thompson on the ABC's very one-sided anti-Trump Biden protector

Good on you Bill, fantastic work mate.

Bill writes:

I tuned in to ABC News Brekkie around 7:30 this morning, to see that Michael Rowland was interviewing a guy named Michael Steele in studio.
This Man of Steele was apparently a former "... head of US Republican Party's National Committee"!
As I recall, the entire part of the interview which I was able to view at the time, as I raced around to the studio, was a mutual pile-on by both Michaels, regarding ALL of Donald Trump's current & emerging legal problems, so I thought I'd ask MS what he thought about all the current allegations against the so-called "Biden Crime Family". (Unfortunately, my GoPro battery ran out, just as I was warming up but you'll get the picture via the clip...)
It seems Mr Steele might be something of a RINO? 
I’ve regarded all US Democrats as irredeemable hypocrites, ever since the election & interminable re-elections of US Senator & IMHO, genuine “Lady Killer”, Ted Kennedy!