He's gotta be taking the piss.

Young soldiers ordered to wear purple to celebrate gays.


The rainbow mafia at it again. 
Defence Academy cadets forced to wear purple to celebrate the LGBT movement. 
To wear their regular uniform would be considered an act of protest. 
An instruction sent to ADFA cadets on Wednesday, and seen by the ABC, states: “Please remember it is Wear It Purple Day tomorrow and the dress is civilian attire. No one is to wear uniform!”
“Please ensure personnel remember this as wearing of uniform tomorrow will be seen as an active protest against LGBTQIA+, which is not in line with Defence policy.”
“Additionally, anyone in uniform will be required to explain why they have chosen to disobey a direct command from the CO”, the message warns.
“Guidance from XO (Executive Officer) is that wearing uniform will be considered a protest against WIPD, which does not align with the ADF value of respect”.
“You are very welcome to wear civvies with absolutely no purple if you wish!”, another message to ADFA students also seen by the ABC, states.
“This will be viewed as a neutral stance rather than an active protest and that is absolutely okay,” it adds.
This bullshit will keep the enemy frightened!
The uniform has defended all Australians regardless of lifestyle choices, religions, and skin colour.