Would you buy a used car, or a referendum proposal from this man?

Message from Tony Abbott

Message From Tony

This Voice referendum is more important than a normal election. 

More important by far. 

Because you can change a bad law—and you can change a bad government—but it’s very hard to change a mistake in the Constitution. 

If you are one of those wonderful, patriotic Australians who normally volunteer to help with pre-poll or on polling day, then please do so for this referendum—because it matters even more. 

And if you’re not—but you do care about our country—please volunteer NOW.

The NO campaign to keep our Constitution colour blind needs help. 

Please click on the link here to make a difference on 14 October.

This is the most important communication you’ve ever had from me. 

Do you want Australia to remain a country with “no hierarchy of descent” and “no privilege of origin”. 

I sure do.

So together let’s make it so!