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Australian 'Palestinians' don't support 6 PMs and their statement. Divide and conquer.

FYI Malcolm Turnbull tells us:

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The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network expresses alarm that six of the seven living former Australian Prime Ministers have allowed themselves to be used as tool in a campaign by the pro-Israel lobby to minimise Israel’s gross violations of international law for the past 75 years.

The statement, drafted by the Zionist Federation of Australia, demonstrated explicit pro-Israel bias, failing to recognise Israeli responsibility for bombings that have already killed more than 8000 people in Gaza.

Rather than fostering community cohesion which the statement purports to do, it has further exacerbated community division whilst further alienating Palestinian Australians.

Quotes attributed to Australia Palestine Advocacy Network Nasser Mashni:

“I’m most disturbed by the fact that six of our former Prime Ministers signed this statement knowing that it ignores Israel’s current and historical violations of international law.

“The statement’s reference to ‘Australian values of love and respect’ rings hollow, given that the former Prime Ministers failed to acknowledge the tens of thousands of Australians expressing their horror about Israel’s behaviour, and ignored the anguish that many thousands of Palestinian Australians are currently feeling.”

“The Prime Ministers have failed in their duty as states people to equally uphold international law.  Their significant platform should have been used to echo calls by the United Nations for an immediate ceasefire.”

“How the former Prime Ministers could have the audacity to quote religious texts about peace while Israel is carpet bombing two million people in Gaza is gut-wrenching hypocrisy.”

“Clearly Paul Keating wasn’t going to allow himself to be a pawn played by lobby groups, and we are disappointed others didn’t follow his example.”