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ABC old-mates Wheel-Of-Fortune continues - 46YO Chaser Boy promoted to Breakfast.

Proof that you can check out but never leave the ABC.

Righteous wanker Craig Reucassel, famous for being a Chaser Boy, will be the new ABC Sydney breakfast radio host.

The 46 year-old Chaser Boy has no radio experience nor current affairs credibility - which makes him a perfect selection to fix the ABC’s appalling radio ratings.

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Comedian and broadcaster Craig Reucassel will host ABC Radio Sydney Breakfast in 2024, paving the way for James Valentine to return to his beloved afternoon audience.

Reucassel makes the jump to Breakfast radio after a bumper year hosting a third series of the highly successful ABC TV program War on Waste. He has also been heard on ABC Radio Sydney recently filling in for Richard Glover on Drive.

Craig said he was excited to wake up with the Sydney Breakfast audience.

“I’m honoured to be joining ABC Radio Sydney as the station celebrates its centenary. I’ve got some big shoes to fill, following in the footsteps of some incredible broadcasters including James.”

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the audience over Breakfast and my morning coffee (from a reusable coffee cup of course). The bit about being excited to wake up at 3am was a lie though.”

ABC Radio Sydney Afternoon audiences will also be delighted to welcome James Valentine back to his Afternoon slot after 2 years at the Breakfast helm. James said the return to Afternoons felt like coming home.

“I’m delighted to be returning to my afternoon timeslot and reuniting with my afternoon listeners.”

“It’s been an incredible privilege leading Breakfast these past two years and I wish Craig all the best with the early starts.”

Manager of ABC Radio Sydney, Steve Ahern said: “The audience responded very well to Craig’s recent stint filling in for Richard Glover. We know they will enjoy spending time with him at breakfast next year. Craig is one of the ABC’s most versatile talents, able to ask the hard questions and still have a laugh about the quirky and the unusual things going on around the city.

“Our afternoon audience will enjoy the return of James Valentine to the timeslot. They have missed his laconic sense of humour in the afternoon hours. The audience for his style of afternoon radio is strong, in his last full survey two years ago* James scored a 10% audience share in that timeslot.”


Sounds just what Sydney needs - another inner suburban smart-arse climate change obsessed leftist.

Further proof that the ABC is a club.

This is just his turn.