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Message for Dubai from Viv Forbes 'It's Time for a Climate Exit'

 Time for Climate Exit   

The world's rich and famous, plus an army of publicists, hangers-on and
mendicants, are attending the COP28 meeting in Dubai, the ostentatious
7-star play-ground capital of United Arab Emirates where even the police
drive luxury sports cars.

We peasant classes sitting at home note that climate royalty, including King
Charles from UK, John Kerry from USA and Blackouts Bowen from Australia, are
all flying there burning vast amounts of carbon fuels. Fittingly, these
hypocrites chose to meet in the richest and most wasteful artificial city in
the world wallowing in wealth derived from oil, gas and air-travel tourists.

UAE has already been accused of using the meeting to organise oil and gas
sales 'on the sidelines', so for them it will be doubly profitable.

We wonder how John Kerry will explain how the green new deal is falling
apart in USA.

The sinister hidden agenda of COP28 in Dubai is about rationing and
depopulation - they want to ration energy, reduce meat production and
eliminate wasteful driving and "useless eaters".

They want us locked into 15 minute cities with our movements tracked and
restricted to walking, bicycles and small communal electric cars. They plan
to abolish the freedom of cash so they can track our consumption. They want
to see us restricted to green smoothies, oat-milk coffee, minced crickets
and fake meat burgers while they jet off to a new well-fed tourist
destination every year.

We have copped these annual climate-fests for 26 years now. The last one
catered for about 40,000 delegates and hangers-on for 2 weeks of talk-fest
that achieved NOTHING useful (as usual). Even Saint Greta Thunberg said that
COP27 was a scam.


(Feel free to publish this cartoon or pass around with no alterations).

Let's have a few Clexit (Climate Exit) Referenda so we can Vote NO and
repudiate all liabilities under the Kyoto and Paris Climate Agreements.

Only stupid western politicians from places like UK, USA and Australia think
they can force-feed wind-solar energy sufficiently to keep the lights on as
coal and gas plants close. Naturally Greens are also opposed to building
dams for hydro energy and they do not like nuclear.

The Net Zero Prize for reaching fanciful Net Zero Emissions targets will be
precarious populations with industry operating on the whims of the weather
and an angry, urbanised, locked-down population faced with food, fuel and
electricity rationing.

There is no global warming crisis. And politicians cannot control the

However King What's-is-name, John Kerry (the US Presidential Envoy for
Controlling Climate) and Blackouts Bowen (Australia's Minister for Climate
Panics and Zero Energy) are determined to create an electricity crisis.
Power grid failure will be followed quickly by failure of food and water
supplies to cities.

Viv Forbes
Washpool, Queensland, Australia