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Classless Union pig goes low but forgets about Albo


This is Victorian union pig James Raynes.

He works in the PR (propaganda) wing of Victorian Trades Hall. 

Like many of these guys, he lacks the judgement to understand when you’re going too low - or when you’re a hypocrite.

Last night, this was his contribution about Scott Morrison and his family:


What a classless, piece of shit thing to say.

Of course Raynes forgets that serial freeloader and life-long lurk merchant Anthony Albanese is also attending the concert.

Undoubtedly, he’d be getting his tickets for free.

At least Morrison paid for his.

But if you’re a deadshit on the Union teat;

Albo = good, Morrison = bad.

Another insight into why the Union movement is growing in irrelevance - when you have people of this calibre “spreading the word”.