Doesn't sound too flash at all.
NSW Police Commissioner 'In hiding'.

Gold-plated ‘nothing statement’ from outgoing NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb


NSW Commissioner Karen Webb had the opportunity to sack now-accused double murderer Constable Beau Lamarre for misconduct but failed to act.

The notorious f-Wit had plenty of red flags for weirdo behaviour as a young officer.

He embarrassed the police force badly when filmed tasering a suspect in the face.

Still, he survived. 


Even now as he faces charges of using his service firearm to kill two men, Commissioner Webb gives us only waffle:


As predicted, she’s using the “matter is before the courts” smother.

Beau Lamarre was already a disgrace to the NSW cops.

The Commissioner’s spinelessness and lack of action condemns her as well.

Outgoing Commissioner …it’s just a matter of time.

UPDATE - thanks to former NSW Police Detective Crowls for this observation:

I just noticed that flag of Webb in your pic. 

There's no "Force" anymore. 

When did that happen...just since Minns and Yatley took over?  


Compare and contrast.