Albanese's Muslim Ramadan greetings.

Albanese's Australian taxpayer funding direct to terrorism


  9 April 2024




The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) is appalled by reports that the Albanese Government is planning a massive reward for terrorism by potentially recognising a non-existent Palestinian Arab state in the aftermath of October 7.

AJA CEO Robert Gregory said, “It is morally corrupt to react to the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust by rewarding the murderers who carried out the atrocity.

We are extremely concerned that Labor is endangering the lives of Jewish people in Israel, Australia, and across the world. Islamic terrorists and other extremists around the world will rejoice and be further emboldened that terrorism brings rewards.

This is an ugly betrayal of the Jewish community.

Before the last federal election, the AJA warned about the dangers of a Labor victory. Since then, the government has confirmed our worst fears with a never-ending stream of hostile anti-Israel moves.

Under Labor, Australian taxpayer funds are knowingly provided to causes that incite and contribute to terrorism. The Albanese Government has presided over a surge in antisemitism across Australia.

Without hesitation, we can say that this government is the most anti-Israel in Australian history, and its actions are hostile to Jewish life and fuel antisemitism locally.

A Prime Minister and a Foreign Minister who couldn’t even be bothered to visit the sites where Jews were murdered have zero credibility on this issue. They are behaving like extremists who never grew out of radical student politics.

It is no surprise that talk of recognising a new Arab Palestinian State comes following news reports about Muslim voters abandoning the government. It appears that the Albanese Government will sell out Jewish lives for votes. This is a government which lacks morals. And who do they say would govern their proposed Palestinian state?

The Albanese Government has proven itself to be weak on national security and terrorism. They are also out of step with our allies, like the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe. Pandering to Islamic terrorists will end up making all Australians less safe.”