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Released detainee Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan charged over vicious Perth home invasion, bashing

The alleged violent robbery and bashing of Perth grandmother Ninette Simons by a freed immigration detainee who previously breached his curfew has heaped pressure on Anthony Albanese to fast-track preventative detention orders and strengthen public safety.

Kuwaiti-born Majid Jamshidi Doukoshkan, who appeared in court on Monday, was one of three men who allegedly ­assaulted the 73-year-old cancer ­patient and tied up her husband, Philip Simons, during a home ­invasion in Perth’s north on April 16. The Australian understands the man – who received bail in February for breaching curfew ­orders – was bailed two days ­before the alleged attack last week over a range of serious offences.

Police on Monday alleged the trio allegedly gained entry to the Girrawheen home after telling the elderly couple they were police ­officers before allegedly pushing Mr Simons to the ground and punching his wife repeatedly in the face, leaving her unconscious.

“I thought I was dying … I don’t know how I survived this at my age,” Ms Simons told Nine News.

Doukoshkan, one of 154 immigration detainees released into the community following the NZYQ High Court ruling in November last year, and the two men allegedly stole gold jewellery and other items worth more than $200,000, which the Simonses said constituted their life savings.

Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil and Immigration Minister Andrew Giles, tasked by the Prime Minister to keep the public safe, did not comment on the alleged bashing and robbery following Doukoshkan’s appearance in court. Amid a vacuum of information from the government, sources told The Australian there were concerns around the bailing of a majority of detainees who have breached their curfews.

Doukoshkan, 43, was charged earlier this year with two counts of breaching curfew orders. He was granted bail at that time, with the magistrate reportedly warning him that he was “on very thin ice”.

A 41-year-old Iranian-born man appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Saturday over an alleged curfew breach.

It is understood Doukoshkan was one of the men whose visas were deemed invalid due to a “technical issue”.