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Huge test for weak-as-piss ABC head of News Justin Stevens.


This is a huge test to see what ABC News chief Justin Stevens is made of. 
His chief political reporter has given a speech today accusing Australia of being a racist country - and Peter Dutton of stoking racism. 
What’s Stevens going to do about it?
Does he care about impartiality and leaving opinions at that door?
Laura Tingle quoted in The Australian:

The ABC’s chief political correspondent and staff-elected board member, Laura Tingle, has launched an extraordinary attack on Australia, declaring it is a “racist country”.

One of the public broadcaster’s most senior reporters made the controversial remarks at the Sydney Writers Festival on Sunday during a panel discussion moderated by Barrie Cassidy, a former ABC Insiders host and Labor staffer to Bob Hawke.

During the discussion, Tingle voiced her repeated criticism of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton and bizarrely accused him of encouraging abuse towards migrants looking to buy or rent property in Australia. “We are a racist country, let’s face it. We always have been and it’s very depressing,” Tingle told the audience at Sydney’s Carriageworks.


What are you made of Justin? 

Is this acceptable or are you still too scared to act and still weak as piss?