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More than $200K pay-RISE for Labor's governor general Mostyn.

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 13.37.15
Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 13.37.15

Incoming Governor-General Sam Mostyn will receive a salary of $709,017 a year when she steps into the role, under a 43 per cent pay rise being proposed by the Albanese government.

Legislation introduced today will increase the current salary from $495,000 if passed by parliament, in a major financial boost for Anthony Albanese’s pick to replace sitting Governor-General David Hurley.

Ms Mostyn, who worked for the Labor government in the 1990s, begins her term as the 28th governor-general next Monday after her appointment was announced in April.

The surprise appointment of the business leader came after a stint heading the government’s Women’s Economic Advisory Taskforce, which urged Labor to add superannuation to paid parental leave.

A document explaining the proposed amendments to the Governor-General Act said the increase in salary had been estimated in relation to the High Court chief justice’s salary, and acted as compensation for Ms Mostyn's lack of other commonwealth entitlements.

Mr Hurley had enjoyed a long military career before becoming Governor-General and received a defence pension.

“Section three of the constitution provides that the salary of the Governor-General shall not be altered during their continuance in office,” a document explaining the bill said.

“The bill amends the Governor-General Act to change the sum payable for the salary of the Governor General from $495,000 to $709,017.