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Peter Dutton's full statement - Liberals Nuclear Energy Policy

Peter Dutton announces nuclear energy. Next election a referendum on affordable power.


This is the concept design of a zero emissions small modular reactor.

Nuclear energy has proven to get electricity prices and emissions down all over the world.

Out of the world’s 20 largest economies, Australia is the only one not using nuclear energy or moving towards it.

Zero emissions nuclear energy is part of the answer to our energy challenges.

It works with renewables and would allow Australia to get to net-zero. It will keep the lights on 24/7 and keep electricity costs down.

Right now, Australia's energy comes from 63 per cent fossil fuels and 37 per cent renewables.

As we transition away from fossil fuels, Labor’s renewables-only approach means Australia risks a massive energy black hole and extraordinary costs.

Labor is stuck in the past, and like most of their policies, it is not forward-thinking, and you are suffering because of it. The Coalition will not make the same mistake.

I announced today that a future Federal Coalition government will introduce zero-emissions nuclear energy in Australia to work in partnership with renewable energy and gas as part of a balanced energy mix.

Our plan will deliver net-zero electricity by 2050, lower power bills and a strong and resilient economy.