More Albanese Government commitment to nuclear power generation.
Good piece of uncommon sense here.

Very good point on reliable cheap nuclear electricity from reader Sapper Ray. Up the Red Rooster!

Ray writes:

I think nuclear is the way to go for the future and one important field noone wants to discuss is the transport systems in major towns.

I lived in Sydney for 30 odd years before relocating. Electric train are the major public transport system and if the renewables are already starting to fail in gross supply how are the woke city slickers going to travel to and from their places of work on a daily basis.
Trains having to travel up steep inclines such as in the Blue Mountains or the Illawarra which need to draw on a system that could fail very soon.
Give Dutton his due, he has put the challenge out to the city slickers, see how he goes.
Sapper Ray