Son of Hamas commander - "There's no difference between Hamas and 'Palestinians'."

Bruce Lehrmann and 'THAT' $361 steak.


A few readers have asked the question "Who was at the dinner?"

The sworn Affidavit of Taylor Auerbach provides an answer:

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.35.56 pm
Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 4.35.56 pm

IE AEURBACH and Mark LLEWELLYN of Channel 7, Bruce LEHRMANN and his alleged 'Media Minder' Mark MACGOWAN.


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From our reader Mr M!

Hi Michael

Now the SMH is bringing in chefs to talk about THAT steak.

The chit from Chophouse, the Bligh Street restaurant, is reproduced at page 72 of the Exhibit on the Federal Court file:

Affidavit of Taylor Auerbach by Michael Smith on Scribd


It shows it was 1.9kg steak.

Did anyone at the SMH think that was rather large for one person?

Has anyone at the SMH ever eaten something that weight?

The chit shows four covers, but only one main course. That would rather suggest that the very large steak was shared – presumably amongst all four diners.

Allowing for weight lost in cooking and the weight of the bone, each of the diners might have got 400g of meat on their plate.

But that wouldn’t have been much a of a story for clickbait.


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Really? Another full month? How about 'give it a break' day.

Did you know it's the month of Gaypril, 2024?


Me neither.

So here's a sample of one month of events at one (only one!!!!!) university.

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 10.36.30 am

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 10.44.19 am


History of GAYpril at Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Rutgers students have adopted this affectionate term for their celebration during the month of April. “Gaypril” is an opportunity for the entire campus to involve itself in educational and celebratory programming on queer and trans communities and issues.

Past featured guests include: Big Freedia, Latrice Royale, Nico Santos, The Prancing Elites, Lena Waithe, Jujubee and more. This year’s celebrity guest is TS Madison. See info below.

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Their ABC choosing the weirdest 'news'.

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When Shakya Lahrech saw a photo of a family in Gaza eating grass and lemon soup to break their fast during Ramadan, it reinforced her decision to fast in solidarity.

The 24-year-old student from Melbourne is not Muslim, but this year she's abstaining from food and water from dusk till dawn for the holy month for the first time.

And it's given her a new perspective.

"I can't even understand 1 per cent of what the Palestinians are going through [in Gaza]," Shakya says.

"But to voluntarily put yourself through hunger to attempt to scratch the surface of what starvation must feel like, I think is really important."

plates full of ground up grass and lemon are shown, and many shown kneeling on floor to eat it.
A photo of a Palestinian family eating ground-up grass and lemon soup in Gaza went viral.(X: @Gabbar0099)

She's part of a global movement of non-Muslim people who have chosen to fast to stand with the people of Gaza.

The hashtag #FastForGaza started last month after several influencers decided to partake in the fast.

"As humans, it's important that we do things like this for each other to help us be more caring, empathetic, and more understanding," Shakya tells the ABC.

Her two Muslim friends inspired her and she says the concept of fasting to empathise with the less fortunate is "beautiful".

It's also been a way for her to initiate conversations about what's happening in Gaza.

"People ask me, like, 'oh, but you're not Muslim, why are you fasting?' and it's just such a fantastic way to insert conversations around Palestine." 

Brittany's puppet master David Sharraz and the secret AVO taken out by his ex-wife


The Telegraph reports on the dirty truth about the puppet-master and media-feminist champion Saint David Sharaz. 
His ex-wife, his gambling problems, a nasty threatening streak so bad that it destroyed his first marriage … and the AVO. 
Piece of work. 
Good luck Brittany. 

Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation battle with Network Ten has uncovered explosive text messages between former Liberal staffer Brittany Higgins and her partner David Sharaz, where they discuss concerns about possible police action involving Mr Sharaz’s ex-wife. 

The texts between the two have been unveiled in last-minute evidence tendered to the Federal Court, as part of sworn affidavits from former Channel 7 and Spotlight producer Taylor Auerbach. 

The conversation between Mr Sharaz and Ms Higgins refers to Mr Sharaz’s previous marriage to federal political staffer Alexandra Craig.

The texts are part of a tranche of information which Mr Auerbach claims was given to him by Mr Lehrmann, while preparations were continuing for Mr Lehrmann to be interviewed by the Spotlight program. 

The documents prepared by Mr Lehrmann’s lawyers for his criminal trial over allegations he raped Brittany Higgins in Parliament House cites a text message conversation between David Sharaz and Brittany Higgins on February 8, 2021.



According to the documents, Mr Sharaz texted Ms Higgins saying “Alex is f***ing smart. She’s doing all this to get me into a room for mediation.” 

“I have to be officially served an interim order now.”

“Then I come to court in a month and I have to give evidence to a registrar.”

“She’s doing it all just to f*** with me and make my life difficult. The cop basically hinted to me it was bogus. I asked him a whole bunch of hypotheticals. He goes — put it this way David, you don’t seem threatening to me.”

“That’s so random. Jesus. She’s a psychopath,” Ms Higgins replied. 

According to the court documents, Mr Sharaz responded saying “I’m just p*** off. I’m not even scared about the potential AVO. I’m just angry now.”